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Düsseldorf, winter 2015...
A thud emerges from the closed door of a rehearsal room.
An angry guitar and an exploding drum seem to  be in dialogue and creating a unique sound.
Charley Verlaine and Fabian Goldschmidt met a few months ago.
While working on his solo project, Charley quickly asked Fabian to help him nail the rhythm and bring his music to life on stage.
After several months of rehearsals, the two musicians came to the same conclusion: their collaboration would have to extend beyond the walls of the studio. It was now obvious to both of them that it wasn't as a solo project that they had to introduce themselves to the world but as a Rock band.
The Black Electric Club was born.
Everything had to be done now.
The excitement of any beginning. Creating a sound, a universe, an identity. The coming months would be creative, productive and stimulating. Colors, shapes, sounds would come to dress the walls of the rehearsal room and give birth to the first songs.

A year later, they felt the need to grow and add a bit of depth to the fine alchemy devloping between the voice, the guitar and  drums; they were now ready to add the heaviness and the heat of a bass guitar.



Charley Verlaine

Guitar & Vocals

Nenad "Sean" Natosevic


Fabian Goldschmidt


He who seeks finds... but not always.
After many unsuccessful attempts by talented musicians who responded to the band's ad, the two musicians were beginning to despair. After a long month without any sign of candidate, Nenad "Sean" Natosevic turned up at the door of the Black Electric Club. From the first few notes it was clear that Sean was going to take up the third corner in the creative triangle.

The stage was set to explode.
Thoughout 2017, the band played various local gigs, sculpting and refining their show each time and picking up new fans along the way. The only condition was that the venue had a good power outlet!

That same year was also an opportunity to burn their music on record to capture the energy and the ferocity of the band. "Fire!" will be the result of a snapshot mixing the genres and influences that make up the Black Electric Club's music.
Always on the lookout and ready to rumble, the band continues to walk its way with confidence and determination. Following his path without looking behind ... tomorrow is now.